Wine with a “bird” on the label

β€œHere I was drinking wine, there was still a bird on the label, can you tell me the name?”

We will not tell you – their darkness and all different, like Halloween costumes. We decided to write a post and add everything that came to mind. Use it!

🍷 Aves del Sur wine line… Translated, “southern birds”. Dedicated to the unique fauna of Chile.

🍷 Castellare di Castellina, Italy, Tuscany. The images of birds on the labels symbolize the company’s approach to environmental protection. As for the birds, we will not say, but their Chianti is wonderful and loved by the entire composition of TV.

Castellare di Castellina
Line of wines

🍷 “Woodhaven” wine line… On the label is either a peacock or a turkey. Why such a symbol and what does it mean? No answer was found.

🍷 La Vieille Ferme, France. The name translates as “Old Farm”. And the rooster? There is no bird more iconic in France than the rooster. They drank pink, the review was. Wine is quite – you can take it. Better, of course, to wash them down with chicken πŸ˜‚

La Vieille Ferme
The line of Italian inexpensive wines Rondone from Settesoli

🍷 Line of Italian inexpensive wines Rondone from Settesoli… In Italian, “rondine” means “swallow”. The same wines. Light and springy.

🍷 The line of Chilean wines “Petirrojo”… The line is named after a local endangered bird species that hung out in the company’s vineyards. She is also shown on the label.

The line of Chilean wines

🍷 Chianti Classico… Black rooster is a symbol of KK producers. Depicted on the neck of the bottle, but not on the label itself.

Chianti Classico

🍷 “Kukabara” – a budget line of varietal wines from Australia. The label depicts one of the symbols of Australia, the “laughing bird” Kookabara. And the wines are the same: perky and bright.

🍷 Marziano Abbona, Piedmont, Italy. The wine labels depict birds living in the vineyards of the producers’ farms. The author of the drawings is Gianni Galli, a friend of the Marciano family.

Marziano Abbona
Duckhorn and Decoy wine line

🍷 Duckhorn and Decoy wine line, USA. In 1976, Dan and Margaret Duckhorn found a winery called Duckhorn Vineyards.

The wines in the Decoy line are positioned as everyday wines for connoisseurs. A kind of “bait” or “bait” for a deeper study of the company’s products.

Decoy labels do not depict the duck itself, but an artistic illustration of the bait. Such lures in the 30s of the last century were made by Richard Janson, one of the most recognizable wood carvers on the entire US Pacific coast.

Let’s help everyone who drank wine “with a bird”, but forgot the name!

Write in the comments the wines that we forgot and did not indicate, and then we will add the article!

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