Wine and chocolate

When they say that “does not fit” – do not believe. If they say that your roof has gone, laugh (to yourself only, in the face, not necessary – not culturally)! Culture is our everything: we drink culturally, we eat culturally (we combine).

Chocolate and wine go well together! The main thing is to try!

In our case, high alcohol in wine, low acidity, and a chocolate dessert. The wine itself is Tres Ojos from C&B. It also has chocolate in its aroma, and even coffee beans, plus low tannin. We have already written about him earlier – we will not repeat ourselves. Can!

In dessert, it is good if there is not very much sugar, but there is enough cocoa.

However, it could be Pinotage Barista with chocolate fondant or brownie.

For milk chocolate you can take Porto Toni or sparkling wine (Demi-Sec will do), and with white chocolate – Asti or sweetish Riesling with Tokay.

The more bitterness in chocolate (darker, higher% cocoa, and therefore more tannins), the more density and residual sweetness should be in the wine, with low acidity and a small amount of tannins. In short, choose semi-dry: Garnacha, Zinfandel – all this will suit us. Amarone? Also!

Have many tried to drink Snickers Sauternes? There is a thought that it is delicious … Let’s try as soon as we get Sauternes.

And the main thing. Everyone has different tastes and for many non-standard combinations work and even the high acidity of wine is not a hindrance 😇

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