Where to go in Crete?

Who is talking about what, and the bald one (ha-ha, thought Boris) about the comb

Wineries of Crete. If you or your friends are going, it will be useful as a cheat sheet 📎

It should be noted right away that we weren’t everywhere. Not according to the status of the main wine guides, and indeed, not for that we went initially to the sea to an excellent hotel for breakfasts and dinners.

Crete, bitch, big (as Vadim Galygin would say). And even worse, it’s long. The island stretches out in the rays of the southern sun belly upwards for 300 km. And the roads, roads there are not country roads, but they are not the Ring Road, and even less the German autobahns. So we take a car and get ready to move at an average speed of 50-60 km. in hour. Not a lot, in general.

We visited 5 wineries and searched for a total of just under 400 km. roads. We will tell you about everything, and you already decide for yourself.



The closest farm to Rethymno. About half an hour away. Vineyards are scattered on the slopes of neighboring hills – you can see everything visually through binoculars, but you won’t be able to walk. A new tasting room, new equipment, a new building were opened just 2 years ago. Freshak.


There are only 2 wines and 2 more are given to taste directly from the tap. Price: 3 euros per person. For 9 euros, they will also bake homemade pies and treat you with organic cherry tomatoes.

From the point of view of wine – weak! For two positions to go – so-so entertainment, but they showed and told everything very well: with heart and soul.


Since the farm is young and the production is new, everything will change rapidly. And, most likely, not for the worse.

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In time, everything took about an hour.

Visit recommendation: 7/10



Further there are several wineries located near the city of Heraklion, an hour and a half from Rethymno.

The first of these is Lirarakis. Production is not shown. The tasting room together with the aging cellar are located in a separate building in the middle of the vineyards.


Everything is very home-like. The staff does not just work, but also tells about history, production and wines with inspiration.

And wine here is like people: with their own characters and characteristics. At least that’s how they are treated here. Declaratively and in fact, it turns out that in practice.

8-10 wines, a walk through the cellar and vineyard. All wines are radically different and all stand out in their own way.


On the vineyard itself there is also a mini-museum (included in the tour) of all grape varieties that are grown on the farm. Entertainment for gardeners and enthusiasts: leaves, berries, pistils, stamens.

Another advantage of the tasting is a gorgeous cheese plate with smoked Graviera and an additional set of all kinds of wine snacks.

In time, lay 2-3 hours.


Two packages: 10 and 60 euros. In general, the first is enough.

Recommended visit: 9/10



7 minutes drive from the previous winery.


Another family business. The building was designed by Mr. Paterianakis himself (an engineer by training), who is somewhere here all the time visible and invisible (he waved to us through the window) and like a real man does something “around the house” all the time. Three daughters are engaged in direct management.

In the line of wines there is one called Pi (3.14). 3 daughters, he and only 4 women in the family. Handsomely.

The tasting set costs 10 euros, includes a small plate with snacks, 7 wines. There are no excursions either to the production or to the vineyards.

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A girl of model appearance and slightly feigned pleasantries clearly and rather soullessly rattles briefly about each #wine.

The whole tasting is a little less than an hour in time.


The wines are all rather monotonous in character, but of a very high level. In the end, the best wine of the estate is given. We got 12 years.

Another plus is the view. It’s bombing here. You can just take a photo to go if you don’t drink wine. But we will have to come to an agreement to let them go “with those guys who drink”.

In pursuit of a wine experience is a must visit. Emotions from hospitality – the cat cried.

Visit recommendation: 7-8 / 10



About 40 minutes drive towards Chania to the west of the island.

Show production. The only place with a cellar and special stands for aging sparkling wines. Everything is very intimate and everyday. Group excursion. Post-excursion testing – personalized. They sit at a separate table and tell in person what is already nice. Can be ordered immediately with lunch. We took with a bread plate and olives. We didn’t come to eat, but science for the sake of wine.


Little emotions, everyday wines, within 5-8 euros. And there is absolutely nothing to take with you. Perhaps, if you take a program with lunch, it’s worth going. We are somewhat upset about the time spent. It was possible to warm up the sides for an extra day.

Two options for visiting: 7 and 15 euros (with a guided tour). If you go, then only for 15 euros – at least take a walk in the cellars and tell a little about winemaking.


Visit recommend: 5/10



1.15 from Rethymno. 10 minutes from Chania. Even if the navigator sits down – don’t get lost. There is a sign in front of each fork. Have taken care of.

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As a result, the parking lot is crowded and there are almost no empty tables. Crowded, popular.

Lovely boutique winery. Landscaping, separate restaurant for tastings, smart approach to everything. This is understandable, the business has been run for 6 years by the daughter of Mr. Manusakis Alexander, a designer by education. Some labels, decor – her handiwork.


She is also a fan of everything Cretan and local, so the restaurant makes olive oil from its own olives, smoked sea salt is also from Crete. All this is served in ceramic dishes, which, you will not believe, are made in neighboring Chania.

13 hectares of its own vineyards, but without visiting, as they are located five kilometers along the road to the mountains. You can order a separate excursion. But they bring them to production – they will show and tell everything. Very affordable. You can even interrupt the tasting in order to return to it later.

There is also a restaurant with affordable prices and amazingly delicious dishes. We got pissed off and “bought” free fresh pies with cheese and spinach. There was no way to stop us further.


They left well fed, buying souvenirs and grabbing wine. By the way, wine! It is different here and, in general, very cool. Some have high alcohol consumption, but they are not a complete failure either. We were given to taste 9 wines.

It is obligatory to go, with the expectation of lunch. Lay 2-3 hours so that you are full and a little drunk.

Visit recommendation: 9/10


These are 5 different locations. Then there is @douloufakiswinery and Rhous Winery, whose wonderful wines we tasted, but didn’t make it to the wineries. Drive for us, or something 😀

We put the map with all the locations on Google by tradition. Link!

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