Weingut R&A Pfaffl Austrian Pepper Grüner Veltliner 2016 white dry – wine review from the Tako Vino blog

Austria again. And no wonder. You come to the shelf, usually everything is nearby: Riesling, Gewurtz and Gruner. And then there are discounts – and not for one, but for everything! Yes, and the year needed to be dug out – 2016! Choosing, choosing and … today Gruner Veltliner, yesterday was Riesling. You can compare.

Gruner has a peculiarity – peppery fresh aroma. The manufacturer even suggests on the label – pepper, that is, pepper. Apparently, without this we would not have coped. You look – and right. Caught poorly, almost at the level of fantasy. But there is definitely something green in the aroma besides lime – green peas, if you like. With temperature, it clearly leaves in the direction of some yellow fruits with a yeast beer aftertaste. Oh, also a little residual gassing. Well, definitely – beer! The acidity is not as sharp as in Riesling, but it is also felt. At the same time, a light sweet tooth is already breaking through. The wine is not too strong – you can safely drink in big greedy sips on a hot July evening.

💃: “It’s better than yesterday’s Riesling – it’s softer or something, and not so acidic.”
🏃: “Less mineral, lower acidity. It’s more balanced and slightly less vibrant. “

Technical information

A type: White dry
Grapes: Gruner Veltliner
A country: Austria
Region: Lower Austria
Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Weingut R&A Pfaffl
Price at the time of purchase: 799 rub.
Where could I buy: LENTA, St. Petersburg


  • Should I try: 7/10
  • Price / quality: 7/10
  • Second time to buy: 7/10
  • Freshness: 9/10
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  • Cool to 4-6 degrees, keep in a glass for a short time – no higher than 8
  • All the same fruits and young cheeses will go as tasty treats (try Camembert or ricotta)

That was the wine today!

Vivino rating: 3.9

The final assessment of the blog “SUCH WINE!”: 7.5

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