The Myth of Powdered Wine

A frequent question for us is not to take it away. Let’s dot the “y” once and for all and send a link to our friends and never return to the topic.

Why is there still a belief in powder? There are several reasons.

Reason # 1

Dry wine material. There is a misconception that we are talking about some kind of mythical powder, diluted with water, alcohol and something tinted. And this, of course, is nonsense.

Dry wine material is, from a paper-bureaucratic point of view, wine not bottled in consumer containers. And one could put an end to this, but there is one more clarification.

It is dry because there is no sugar in it. Wine (wine material) without sugar is easier and more reliable to store and distribute around the world – the risk of spontaneous spoilage, fermentation is much lower or even completely absent.

Reason # 2

(already almost insignificant)

Yuppie and Invites, greetings from the past, firmly rooted in the minds of the layman the idea of ​​making something inexpensive out of powder. The bridge was thrown over the wine: since there is a liquid product, then you can make (restore) it with such a simple method.

Faith and prejudice sorted out. Why is there no such wine on the market?

Very simple. It is, to say the least, expensive. To get “powdered wine”, you first need to MAKE bad wine, and this is already some kind of financial cost. We take “bad” wine as an axiom, since no one will make a substitute out of good wine. It is so?

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Let’s continue. After we have received bad wine, we need to “convert” it into powder, at the same time losing the lion’s share of everything that makes wine wine. Costs again. To top it off, this powder needs to be reconstituted back to wine and it’s… wait, wait… again costs.

So instead of selling bad wine directly, are we making it worse and more expensive? Sounds stupid, right?

In addition, this mythology gave rise to another very stupid trick: check wine in a basin of water – read it. One stupidity is tested by another. Live forever!

And finally, the last moment. There is a very clear and understandable law that prohibits calling any such surrogates wine. Therefore, even if there are some crafty craftsmen buying up cheap cake and other residual rubbish, making their own “miracle wines” out of all this by adding alcohol, dyes and other things, you know, they cannot call it wine. Only “wine drink”.

Buy “wine” and don’t clutter your mind. And send a link to your friend!

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