Sonnental Riesling Trocken, 2019 white semi-dry

Riesling that smog with burrata 💪

When people talk about German Rieslings, they are often divided into regions: Palatinate, Moselle, Rheingau, Baden, Rheingessen, Nahe, etc. Here it is, there is such a thing: soils, exposition, wind rose …

But let’s be clear: expect from wine for 599 rubles. (and for discounts and below) some kind of regional identity is naive. It may or may not be. For 500 rubles. the process of wine production is so unified and technologically advanced that, in fact, anything can be done. It would be digestible raw materials. That is why, when talking about inexpensive wines, we do not focus on stylistic expectations.

Sonnental Riesling Trocken, 2019

However, here Riesling does not even “smell”. The aroma is very restrained, apple-pear, sweetish-floral. Pinot Grigio? No, it seemed.

The scent is shamelessly dull. Taste with a pronounced sweetness, a distinct mineral note. We, of course, didn’t cool him at first and it was rather sad. After keeping in the cold longer, the Riesling sourness balanced the candyness and became more interesting. But not much. Wine has a short aftertaste – it disappears from the horizon quickly 😂

What to do with him?

Drinking on your own is boring and tedious. If the task is “to throw in properly” – please, but this wine will definitely not decorate the Riesling tasting.

But if you have burrata, a bit of balsamic flavored with you – you are in kings! Praise yourself, call your neighbors – you have “improved” this wine unimaginably. Incredibly, the extra sweetness goes away, the wine is ennobled, and the same taste orgasm, which you often hear about on the outskirts of the wine Internet, will fall on you.

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Do you remember? Burrata, balsamic and this Riesling. You can also add a tomato to call it all salad.

And Riesling itself, apart from food, is simple and sweet. Don’t bother.

💥 Assessment: 3.6 | Vivino: 3.6


  • Type: white, semi-dry
  • Grapes: Riesling
  • Country: Germany
  • Year: 2019
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Price: 599 rub.
  • Where bought: Metro

Total: you can, but with nuances

When they talk about the insane gastronomic quality of Riesling, they are not cunning. But not about this Riesling tale. Here you have to be careful. Here you have to “do as I do.”

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