Shelter Lovely Lilly Pinot Noir 2016 dry red – wine review from the blog Tako Vino

Lick Without today’s review: Germany is not just Riesling. Pinot Noirs are also made here. And there are even great ones. Moderately cool climate of the microzone, which means we expect low alcohol and high acidity. But more on that later!

About the label and the name, which we could not pass by. “Lovely Lilly”. The wine is named after Lilly’s dog, who lived in the winery and died in 2014. The grief of the owners and employees, apparently, poured into this wine, which they dedicated to her. We already had a wine in honor of the dog in our review – Truffle Hunter Leda from Italy.

Now some other dog lives there: active, cheerful and daring. Are we waiting for a new wine in 15 years? The moment of black humor is over.

On the real side, this family-run winery has just 5 hectares and is completely organic. Despite the fact that “Lilly” is the youngest in the line of wines, the price / quality ratio is marked with a “+” sign even at home.

And in the aroma it is a real Pinot Noir. Light, berry and fresh, with a distinct undergrowth, so beloved by pinonuarophiles. In development, even a few mushrooms were produced. Acidity is off scale at first. When they brought it to 18 degrees, it became quieter. Or maybe he just breathed.

From the interesting – sensations in the mouth. Either wine with residual carbonation, or there are some kind of spices – you can clearly feel the tingling as from sparkling (minerality?).

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Tanin’s cat wept. About the same number of sunny days in St. Petersburg were in December 😫

All together – very, very good! Low minerality, lack of tannins + high acidity play a melody called “Light and sophisticated fresh.” It is gratifying that it is dry.

We cannot say that we are “in the subject” of Pinot Noirs. We tried a dozen, at different times, without hesitation. We will not undertake to put Lilly in any place in the list of “Pinot Noir of the Year”. But for the beginning 2019 – very, very good!

Try it, especially since there is almost permanent action on it in the Ribbon.


SUCH WINE: 87/100 | Vivino: 3.7


  • Type: red dry
  • Grapes: Pinot Noir
  • Country: Germany, Baden
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Price *: 999 ₽ (1̶3̶6̶8̶ ̶₽̶)
  • Where to buy: Ribbon

* December 2018

Final score of the blog “SUCH WINE!”: 7.6

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