Riesling Feinherb Rheinhessen 2018 – review on Riesling from Pyaterochka from Tako Vino

“Simple human happiness” for 654 rubles for four!

Wine for pleasure and aesthetics, pure hedonism. This is paradigm number one! Wine is a product for every day, the same as fried chicken for dinner – No. 2

Today we propose to migrate towards the second, and at the same time have a snack.

He also has the code name “The same Riesling from Pyaterochka”.

About wine. Here’s something cheap and simple, like three kopecks. Riesling, goddamn it. Ugly, but Riesling! Acidic and semi-dry, as fresh as possible, with a slight residual carbonation, which dances and beats at 8-10 degrees, creating a gustatory volume in the mouth.

Here he can already compete even with Vigno Verde, but more fruity and not so ascorbic-lemon.

Apples, ripe pear, lime and even passion fruit in the background – everything is fresh, even some greens make their way.

We do not recommend heating too much – it becomes flat and boring.

Have you already talked about acidity? Do not be afraid – it bites only in the supercooled version. Sugar is left for balance so that you can say about it that it is not completely absent (balance).


SUCH WINE: 85/100 | Vivino: 3.7


Type: white, semi-dry
Grapes: Riesling
Country: Germany
Alcohol: 11.5%
Price: 399 rub.
Where: Pyaterochka

Riesling, especially if it is semi-dry, is generally a mega universal thing. It is more difficult to find a dish that it doesn’t suit than the other way around.

Today we propose not only to taste this wine, but also to make ourselves as tasty as it was then to us.

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Under it, it seems to us, we also need something simple, inexpensive and very tasty. As food bloggers say, “10/10 in taste / effort ratio.” And drum roll, it will be a baked chicken. But with its own “trick”.

There is a special conversation about the recipe. Thanks to the St. Petersburg chef Ilya Lazerson, we now (or at least someone in our family) know how to make ourselves tasty! Over the years of “unrequited love” through the YouTube screen, he taught us to feel food with our fingertips, forget programs and enjoy the process.

About chicken and recipe

Write! You can do it “by eye” – it is almost impossible to make a mistake. It’s not even a recipe, actually. Rather, a way to prepare a chicken.

We will need

– whole chicken
– large saucepan
– water
– salt, sugar, garlic, spices, vegetable oil


– Soak the whole chicken in a saucepan with water for a day. Pre-dissolve salt, sugar in water (per liter per tablespoon), add garlic in cloves, lavrushka, peppercorns.

– Before cooking, take out the chick and dry it.

– Rub with vegetable oil with spices (ground pepper, dry garlic, coriander, cumin, oregano, paprika and hot pepper if desired). Inside, too, do not forget to touch the carcass.

– 180 degrees oven, convection and 40-45 minutes of waiting.

– We take it out and let it stand for 5-7 minutes and recover.

– We portion (chop the bird in half), taste it, drink it with wine ➡️ profit, joy and happiness, simple and human!

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4 servings + 4 glasses = 255 + 399 = 654 rubles for four. Bon Appetit!

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