Poshekhonsky cheese

Fans of Poshekhonsky cheese perfectly distinguish this cheese from other cheeses. It tastes and looks like Kostroma, but lighter, softer and a little spicy. The plate of such cheese is laced due to the many cheese eyes, and breaks when folded. Differs in low fat content up to 45%. This is an inexpensive table cheese that is great for daily consumption.

The history of the creation of Poshekhonsky cheese

It is named after the place of its origin, namely the city of Poshekhonye, ​​Yaroslavl region. In Soviet times, a creamery factory operated in this small administrative center. P.A. worked at this plant. Avdienko, who was engaged in the recipe for making cheese. After many experiments, a wonderful variety of table cheese was obtained, later named Poshekhonsky. The most interesting thing is that the recipe was officially approved only after the death of the author. It began to be produced at the plant in 1965. Now the factory is closed, and Poshekhonsky cheese remained as a symbol of the small town of Yaroslavl overgrown.


Method of making Poshekhonsky cheese

Poshekhonsky cheese is not a delicacy product. It matures within 1-1.5 months, and for its production pasteurized milk, fermented milk starter cultures and rennet are used. All ingredients are mixed, boiled. The second heating is characterized by a rather low temperature. Another liquid cheese is poured into molds and at the exit they get small heads from 3 to 7 kg. For sale, some companies immediately cut the cheese into small, convenient pieces and seal it in airtight packaging.

Poshekhonsky cheese should not contain unnatural ingredients and chemical additives. You can store it for no more than 3 months, then the product disappears and is not suitable for use.

Composition of the product

Poshekhonsky cheese is a medium-calorie product (350 ki can be used for dietary meals. 100 grams of this cheese contains:

  • 56% proteins;
  • 45% fat;
  • various organic and saturated acids;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • calorie content 350 kcal.
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The benefits of Poshekhonsky cheese

Sour and spicy Poshekhonsky cheese is a great start to the morning. The high content of proteins and calcium is especially useful not only for a growing body, it has an excellent effect on the condition of joints and teeth. Perfectly digestible.

Interesting to know! In the absence of Parmesan or Roquefort in Soviet times, Poshekhonsky cheese was used precisely for baking and making pizza. Its low cost and taste can more than replace these foreign cheeses even now. During melting, its texture becomes unusually delicate, and the sourness and astringency will give the dish the necessary piquancy.

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