Pfaffl Zweigelt vom Haus, 2018 red semi-dry

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Choosing wine is as easy as shelling pears 💪 We take and buy wine from Austria with a screw cap.

It will be Zweigelt (as in our present case), Blaufrankisch, Gruner Veltliner (a thunderstorm of people with problematic diction) or any other complex and difficult to pronounce Rotgipfler – not so important.

And it’s not even so now, and it is important how one differs from the other – we will analyze this separately. Or maybe you already know this without us or find out on your own.

The idea is that Austrian wines have risen incredibly in quality lately, and there are simply no fukakas on the shelves.


Brief historical background

In 1985, some Austrian manufacturers were caught using diethylene glycol as a flavoring agent, and export sales were canceled in a moment. Then the Austrians grabbed their heads, whipped the culprits and tightened the legislation regarding quality and control so much that it became one of the toughest in the world.

Why indulge in supplements? The fact is that diethylene glycol (used as antifreeze), added in small quantities to wine, has a glycerin effect: it sweetens and makes the wine itself fuller and more oily.

PS No, we ourselves have not tried wine with the addition of DEG. This is a reference 😂

Of course, for 599 rubles, wine from Austria will not be a world masterpiece and revelation. Revelations for 599 rubles. in general, they happen only after the third bottle, but this already has a very, very indirect relation to quality.

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Zweigelt is the most common red grape in Austria, a hybrid of Blaufrankisch and Saint Laurent (Pinot family).

The wine itself is quite light, a little “piny”, but with a characteristic unobtrusive tannin and structure characteristic of this variety. Raspberries, blueberries, blueberries, wild berries, dried foliage, some earth and mushrooms, pine needles. A junction of lightness and richness of taste, a good balance of acidity and residual sugar.

Serving temperature – 16-18 and even 14 degrees.

It is comfortable and easy to sit with him and drink something for them.

🎯 Rating: 4.0 | Vivino: 3.8

🛠 Features

Type: red, dry

  • Grapes: Zweigelt
  • Country: Austria
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Price: 599 rub.
  • Where to buy: Metro

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