Pet-nat Peter & Paul Bio Pet Nat 2017 brut still – wine review from the blog Tako Vino

Recently we played a quiz with you. There was a question: “What is Pet-Nat?” and 4 possible answers to it. Only 30% of the participants knew the correct answer or simply guessed it, which is indecently little for the progressive wine community. Therefore, a short educational program is below.

Pet-Nat (petillant naturel). In Basurmanskiy it is also called “methode ancestrale”, grandfather’s method in Russian. If it is very rough, then unfermented wine is bottled and corked. Yeast is alive, sugar is there – everyone is happy! “Wine” is already fermented in the bottle, saturating it with carbon dioxide. A precipitate is formed which is often not even filtered.

So that the processes in the bottle do not stop, sulfur is added to them in the most scanty amounts (or do not do it at all), therefore Pet-nats are most often referred to the class of “natural” wines. This approach has a big drawback – unpredictable results. In unskillful hands, frank and “natural” bullshit can turn out.

Huge scarves, glasses in colored plastic frames, beards, Polaroid and other tube nishtyaks – you can safely add Pet-nats to all this, as another hipster attribute. But if you feel like a real oenophile, then trying this type of sparkling wine is simply a must.

We tried

Pet-nat Peter & Paul Bio Pet Nat 2017

All Peter & Paul wines are Demeter certified. This means that the wine is not produced anyhow, but in accordance with all the rules and canons of biodynamics.

About wine …

To be honest, in a blind tasting, we would not have distinguished it from cider: house slippers, kombucha at its best, a little sparkling, pickled apples, pear and lemon juice. In one word – cider! The aftertaste has a slight stone bitterness. Dry, high acidity. 10.5 alcohol is pretty well integrated. The ice went better.

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Type: Pet-nat
Grapes: Gruner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller
Country: Austria
Alcohol: 10.5%
Price: 1617 rub.
Where: Monopole
Importer: LADOGA

Feedback and ratings

Today we will leave this “wine” unappreciated. It’s hard when you think it’s cider … Vivino: 3.6

– Apchhi! Where is my “Be Healthy”?
– You sneeze too much!
– Indeed, damn natural wine – I’ve never sneezed so much

Today we offer several options to comment on us:

a) You guys didn’t understand anything
b) You guys have a pet-nat of the wrong breed …
c) And I said that all this bio-shmio is bullshit!
d) Thanks, great post

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