“Unique recipe”, “without vegetable fats”, “from fresh milk” – the manufacturers declare. Marketing move? No really!

Cheese Oltermani – this is a traditional Finnish quality, half a century recipe, premium milk, exquisite creamy taste with a slightly sour note.

What is inside?

The composition of the cheese is quite simple and captivates with a short list of ingredients:

  1. Cow’s milk;
  2. Rennet extract;
  3. Starter culture (lactic acid bacteria complex)
  4. Calcium chloride – hardener;
  5. Salt.

For Oltermani only fresh cow’s milk is suitable, tested and with certain indicators to obtain a high-quality branded product.

! Interesting: the production of only 1 kg of cheese requires about 10 liters of milk

Rennet is used to form whey rennin non-animal origin – it is obtained by the synthesis of special bacteria. Thanks to this, the product can be considered vegetarian.


The cheese ripens for 2-3 months, during which time part of the milk protein – casein – breaks down into amino acids and peptides. It was at this time that the cheese acquires the unique taste and aroma inherent in this brand.

Types of cheese of this type have a different percentage of fat and nutritional value.

Type of cheese Proteins, g Fat, g Carbohydrates, g Calories, kcal
nine% 31.0 9.0 0.0 210
17% 29.0 17.0 0.0 360
29% 25.0 29.0 0.0 360
55% 23.0 34.0 0.0 400

The higher the fat percentage, the richer the creamy taste and aroma of the cheese.

Oltermani “Light” (17%) won the special love of Russia and the whole world, therefore it ranks first in the total sales of this brand.

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Who is doing?

Cheese producer – Finnish company Valio – specializes in cheese making since the beginning of the 20th century. Has been producing the brand since 1980 Oltermani… The original recipe has survived to this day and is strictly observed at all production stages.

! Interesting: Valio has a monopoly on cheese production Oltermani

However, since 2016, thanks to the imposition of sanctions, production Oltermani launched in Russia for a Russian consumer. Today, the cheese is produced at the company’s own factory in the Moscow region (Ershovo village). The honor of being a supplier of raw materials was awarded to the Velikie Luki Dairy Plant, which was tested for compliance with high requirements and standards. And although true connoisseurs prefer the Finnish product, the monopolist guarantees the preservation of the main advantages of the brand in Russian-made cheese.

How is it useful?

In addition to the beneficial properties inherent in cheeses, Oltermani has a number of features:

  • does not contain dyes, flavors, milk fat substitutes, vegetable oils, therefore it rightfully has the status of an environmentally friendly natural product;
  • it is an invaluable product for cheese lovers with lactose intolerance.
  • due to its low fat and low salt content, it is considered low in calories, gives a long feeling of satiety and is part of dietary recipes;
  • due to its high protein content with a minimum of calories, it is popular among athletes;

! Interesting: all types of brand cheese Oltermani contain only 0.01% lactose, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

Oltermani goes well with fruits, vegetables and nuts, perfectly complements salads, main courses, desserts, enriches the body with useful vitamins and microelements.

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