Marble cheese

Marble cheese is a real beauty among all cheeses. Its unusual appearance and wonderful taste immediately attracts attention. Slicing from marble cheese will make even an everyday table festive. It tastes slightly sweet and spicy, has a pronounced cheesy odor without foreign impurities. The dense elastic mass in the section is decorated with uniform round cheese holes and unusually beautiful stains. They seemed to have collected all the warmth of sunny summer days, when milk is gaining its maximum strength. This semi-solid rennet cheese has taken its rightful place among the best cheeses. It was not for nothing that he won a gold medal at an exhibition of domestic cheeses in 2011.

Origin story

Marble cheese was created in the USSR in the mid 80s. At first, artificial colors were used to obtain the marble color of the cheese. In the 90s, a natural dye derived from carrots (beta-carotene) was used. This cheese is made in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


How and from what marble cheese is obtained

The technology for the production of marble cheese is practically no different from the production of other rennet cheeses. The basis of marbled cheese is pasteurized milk and rennet. During the ripening period, the cheese mix is ​​divided into two parts, in one of which a dye is added. When the curd has formed in two containers, it is mixed, molded, pressed, kept in brine, then sent for drying and ripening. After 25-30 days, the cheese is ready to eat.

Cheese heads are made weighing from 1.2 to 9 kg.

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This wonderful cheese is very nutritious and high in calories. 100 grams of the product contains:

  • 326 kcal;
  • 24 gr. proteins;
  • 25 gr. fat.

Advantages of Marble Cheese

Marble cheese is rich not only in fatty acids and vitamins. A large list of various trace elements and amino acids make it very useful. It is completely absorbed in the body, maintains the beauty of hair and nails. It is also recommended for various injuries, since calcium affects the rapid healing of bone fractures.

Attention! This cheese can relieve stress and improve vision. It is recommended for use by knowledge workers who work for hours at the computer.

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