Cheese is one of the longest-lived dairy products. He came to us from ancient times and is still one of the frequent guests at our table. There are many variations of cheese, they have different tastes and compositions, however, the most frequent and favorite cheeses of many people are cheeses with a mild creamy taste and aroma, for example, Lambert cheese.


Product Description

Lambert cheese is a semi-hard cheese. It has an unsaturated yellow color, a pleasant, pronounced delicate creamy taste and a light aroma. On sale, we can find it in three versions:

  • Traditional Lambert cheese;
  • Lambert cream cheese;
  • Lambert tilsiter cheese.

Lambert cheeses differ slightly in composition and taste. They have different nutritional values ​​per 100 grams of product:

Product name Proteins, in gr. Fats, in gr. Carbohydrates, gr. Energy value, in kcal.
Traditional 23.8 30.3 0.0 378
Creamy 23.6 32,7 0.0 396
Tilsiter 24.2 25.1 0.0 340

Cheeses under the Lambert brand, although they differ in nutritional value, they all have a different delicate creamy taste, and are of high quality production.

Appearance of cheese on the Russian market

For the first time, Lambert Cheese Traditional appeared on the cheese market in 2003. It is produced under the brand name of Wim-Bil-Dan, one of the leaders in the production of milk-based products in Russia. Upon entering the market, he immediately surprised the buyer with his unique creamy taste, delicate structure and rich milk aroma. Customers quickly liked the cheese and became one of the most purchased cheeses in our country.


Place of production

Lambert cheese is produced in the Altai Territory. According to the manufacturer, the “trick” of the cheese, thanks to which it has such an exquisite taste, is that it is made from Altai milk, which is unique in composition and properties, produced by local cows.

Cheese properties

One of the interesting features of Lambert is the original round patented shape. The cheese is sold in the shape of a ball, weighing 1 kg, and in small sealed packages, pieces of ¼ of a circle, weighing 250 grams.

The cheese attracts ordinary people with its creamy taste and delicate structure. Cheese “Lambert” in its composition contains vitamins of group B, and also vitamins C, A, D, PP, minerals, calcium and phosphorus. Of all dairy products, protein from cheese is much easier for the body to absorb. Cheese increases appetite and improves the condition of the digestive system. The constant moderate consumption of hard cheese has a good effect on the condition of the skin, general well-being, thanks to minerals and vitamins.


Use in cooking

Lambert cheese is widely used in cooking. It is perfect for croissants, pizzas and puff pastries. It is also great to use it as a filling or batter for meat and fish dishes, vegetable casseroles. Sandwiches with Lambert cheese are the most delicate yummy. Cheese can be widely used in the preparation of sauces for a dish, add it to soups and use it in the preparation of pasta and all kinds of side dishes. In addition, it is a favorite snack for wine drinks. Therefore, there are many variations in the use of cheese, it all depends on the imagination and desires of the buyer.


Lambert cheese occupies a high place in the domestic cheese making, and all thanks to the high quality of the products. The cheese does not leave anyone indifferent who tries it, because it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the delicate taste of this cheese.

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