Kostromskoy cheese

Cheese is an ancient and very healthy product. There are very few people in the world who do not use it, do not cook delicious dishes with it, do not use it for baking. He is equally loved by adults and children. Cheese, which is made according to unique recipes from domestic ingredients, is especially appreciated. Kostroma cheese is such an incomparable, tasty, excellent cheese.

Cheese history

The production of the Kostroma dairy product began at the end of the nineteenth century. The Kostroma region was distinguished by wonderful natural conditions for raising cattle. Many cows of their own Kostroma breed grazed on huge pastures, which were famous for large milk yield throughout Russia. The enterprising merchant Vladimir Nikolaevich Blandov saw in the Kostroma district a huge potential in the cheese industry and was not mistaken. Together with the same enthusiasts as himself, he started to open cheese dairies throughout the province.

Local residents became suppliers of milk to these factories, but it soon became insufficient. In the Andreevskaya volost, merchants began to allot cows to peasants so that they could produce more milk. So, step by step, the production of delicious Kostroma cheese increased.

HIn a century, the Kostroma factories have already produced up to one and a half thousand tons of cheese.


Keeping the best traditions

Today, Kostroma has modern cheese production lines at several factories. “Kostromskoy” is the most widespread of the varieties of cheese produced not only in this region, but throughout Russia. The recipe for its production was initially industrial, developed by the scientists of the institute; there are no notes of folklore in the name.

But, nevertheless, in Kostroma and throughout the region, residents are rightfully proud of their natural “Kostroma” product! And the city itself is today called the cheese capital of the country!

According to the state standard, during the production of Kostroma cheese, specialists use the following ingredients:

  • whole cow’s milk;
  • selected cream;
  • skim milk;
  • bacterial leaven;
  • rennet extract;
  • sodium and calcium chlorides;
  • sodium and potassium nitrates,
  • polymeric films.
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Calorie content, composition and useful properties of products

Cheese “Kostromskoy” is a very tasty and very healthy product. It is made valuable by the important minerals necessary for the human body:

  • iron and copper;
  • calcium and magnesium;
  • potassium and manganese;
  • sulfur and zinc.

For lovers of a delicious domestic product, it is known that this cheese is rich in vitamins: A, C, E, D, PP as well as a very important group B. This type of cheese is also rich in valuable amino acids, which are of great benefit to human health.

Cheese “Kostromskoy” has a uniform plastic consistency, the eyes in it are evenly spaced. The product has a unique spicy aroma. Everyone loves its unusually pleasant taste with moderate pungency and the presence of sour notes. The product quickly satiates a person, this is because 100 grams of cheese contains 343 calories. Cheese is not considered fat, it contains 45% of it. In addition, Kostroma cheese favorably stands out among other varieties by the presence of natural milk protein, which is present in large quantities.

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