Hans Baer Riesling 2017 white semi-dry – wine review from the blog Tako Vino

“Bear on a bike” was noticed long ago. A lot of praise, low price. And then Lenta pleased with the appearance on the shelves of this line, and even with a 30% discount (still relevant) from the price in Simple. Do not take him, and your beloved Riesling is horror-horror!

The wine is dry according to the German classification (Trocken), but according to our legislation it is semi-dry. This semi-dryness is quite good. The wine has almost no residual sugar and only formally falls into the category of dry. At the same time, the “residue” balances the cystiness very well, which makes the wine a little more interesting.

Color with a greenish tint. As they say, “young is green”. Very fresh in smell. Apples and citruses are in the foreground. Riesling petrol-rubber tone is present. You don’t need to smell it and catch it. He doesn’t play in semitones. He, like drums in an orchestra, clearly beats the rhythm and reminds every second of the time: I am here, I am a Riesling.

The bias towards the “lemon juice” is small, but there is. So if you do not like acidic wines at all, this is not the best example to start.

Wine technical information Hans Baer Riesling

A type: white, semi-dry
Grapes: Riesling 100%
Alcohol: 11% vol.
A country: Germany
Region: Rheingessen
Year: 2017
Price at the time of purchase: 549 rub. (stock)
Where could I buy: Ribbon


  • Should I try: 7/10
  • Price / quality: 9/10
  • Second time to buy: 9/10

As in such cases it is customary to say: this is a very good wine for its money. A perfect example of what Riesling is. The potential of the variety is higher, but it is worth starting to get acquainted with this style from this kind of wines: inexpensive and indicative.

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Strongly puzzled, in the minus he can bring the need to buy 2 bottles at once. One is not enough. Very easy to drink, very fresh and light taste. 150 ml fly out of the glass in 5 minutes. A bottle in half an hour. So, buying one, you get a slight feeling of dissatisfaction at the end: I want more. So you need two! And two are already more than 1000 rubles. 🍾

Don’t get carried away! We are not some alcoholics, we are wine-loving!

Vivino rating: 3.8

This is how Hans Baer Riesling was today. Thanks to all! ❤️

Final score of the blog “SUCH WINE!”: 8.3

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