Cheese entered the life of mankind a long time ago. At different times, in different cultures, it has been used and prepared in different ways. Thanks to this, the modern world has such a huge number of varieties of cheese. And everyone can find to their liking what they like.

But there is one special cheese that is undeservedly not very popular in the post-Soviet space. Perhaps there is not enough information about him. In order to fix this, we present to your attention halloumi cheese (halloumi).


Manufacturing history.

This is a special cheese. The roots of this cheese are deeply rooted in the history of Cyprus. It is he who is considered the birthplace of halloumi cheese. There they call him the gift of Aphrodite. No holiday takes place without halloumi in Cyprus, and the variety of dishes prepared from it is simply impressive. It is used in the preparation of pasta, pies, stuffed vegetables, as well as in various sauces. Served with pasta, sandwiches, and in his homeland even with watermelon for dessert.

What is special about this Cypriot invention? It has an extraordinary taste of soft, salty cheese, which is almost hard, layered in consistency. Someone says that it looks like mozzarella. One can argue with this statement. Because if halloumi is prepared correctly, from sheep and goat (less often cow) milk, then it is much softer, more spicy and softer than mozzarella. And also, more often than not, halloumi is made with mint and these fresh notes in the cheese product are really amazing!

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Composition and useful properties.

This type of cheese has a very useful composition of nutrients for humans:

Because from 100 grams of cheese, whole comes out:

  • 255 calories.
  • 25 grams of protein
  • 16 grams of fat
  • 2.7 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1.4 grams of ash
  • almost 82 grams of water.

In Halloumi cheese, vitamins and minerals also play a role in the value of this cheese treat. Necessary for the human body

  • phosphorus,
  • calcium,
  • copper,
  • magnesium,
  • copper and many others

give vitality and energy, help the body cope with an aggressive environment. Essential nutrition for bones. Choline helps to normalize cholesterol levels, it strengthens blood vessels. It also contains a lot of vitamin A, which is essential for vision. Ascorbic acid helps the body to defeat various viruses and infections, and B vitamins support the nervous system.

However, it should be noted that halloumi is considered high in calories and should be taken with caution and in limited quantities by overweight people.



Without a doubt, halloumi is a delicacy enriched with a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in other cheeses. But what sets it apart from the rest is its structure. Because halloumi cheese is exposed to high temperatures when melted, it can then be fried in olive oil in a pan or grilled. After such roasting, it does not spread and does not lose its shape. This is its uniqueness! It is added to salads, to meat, served with vegetables or seafood. Sometimes even just different greens, lightly poured with lemon juice in an ensemble with halloumi cheese, together create a simply culinary masterpiece, thanks to the light aroma of mint in this cheese. This cannot be repeated with any kind of cheese! Halloumi pita baked over a fire will also be an original and delicious picnic idea. Your guests will not forget this!

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Halloumi cheese is called the trademark of Cyprus. It can become a visiting card of your family and decorate any party and celebration with its original and unforgettable taste. While it is not so popular in our country, there is an opportunity to stand out favorably among other hostesses and surprise your guests.

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