“Guilt gallop.” Typical Austria. Zweigelt

Until the slogan “Let’s drink up to 1000” or “999 rubles is not a sentence to an intellectual” appears on our blog, let us also talk about wines of another price segment.

Austria definitely needs to continue! By all means! Therefore, today we offer the dear readers of our free wine sketches the most popular red variety of this country – Zweigelt. And do not be confused by the word Blauer. In essence, this is just a shortened variety name: Zweigelt, Blauer Zweigelt.

A hybrid variety, the result of crossing two other Austrian varieties: Blaufrankisch and Saint Laurent (Pinot Noir). It was bred by Fritz Zweigelt in 1922. Perhaps, at first, this information will be more than adequate for an amateur who is not too puzzled by the theory (this is us about ourselves).

Let’s repeat! The hybrid variety, the champion in vineyard area in Austria, is similar to Pinot Noir, but different. We open the bottle!

Stiegelmar Blauer Zweigelt Edelgrund Burgenland 2016

At the beginning of our acquaintance, it seemed moderately calm, with the aroma of cherries, blackberries and raisins, spicy herbs. But the taste confused. Flat, straightforward, somewhat “dull” and with obvious bitterness. We were definitely in a stupor: how can a wine have such an indistinct taste with such a generally pleasant aroma? It turned out that it can.

But do not rush to execute in mid-sentence, give a chance – he has something to say and show.

It is interesting that by the second hour it is still transformed. Smoky notes appear, the aroma becomes more pronounced, with chocolate and dried cherries, notes of prunes. The taste, along with all of the above, is felt more diverse, bitterness disappears – a semblance of balance appears. Atlas Shrugged. With an almost complete absence of tannins, the wine still clings to the receptors and pampers with a rather long, slightly spicy aftertaste.

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SUCH WINE: 87/100 | Vivino: 3.9

We would have put him even higher, 88-89, if there was no such fakap at the start!


Type: red, dry
Grapes: Zweigelt
Country: Austria, Burgenland
Alcohol: 13%
Where: Monopole
Price: 1222 ₽

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