“Guilt gallop.” Typical Austria. Blaufrankisch

It’s time to push a little and complain about life. Statistics show that you are much more interested in reading reviews on supermarkets, discussing wine myths about a cork, a basin with a glass, and who framed Roger Rabbit (whether there is counterfeit in KiB).

Posts with reviews of specific wines evoke less delight and enophilic affection, unless it’s Barista, Lykhny, 3 MATSU winemakers and Steakwine, lost in meat gastronomy.

But we will not back down, because we ourselves are interested in developing and sharing knowledge, and therefore – again Austria and its second most popular red variety – Blaufrankisch. We really want to take you to this wonderful world of Austrian wines, especially since bad ones are extremely rare: all are only good or excellent. And in terms of price / quality ratio, they are much ahead of the “old guard”.

If not home, then the center of power and place of permanent deployment of Blaufrankisch is the Burgenland region, and specifically its microzone Mittelburgenland with 4 main wine communes: Deutschkreutz, Horitschon, Lutzmannsburg and Nekenmarkt.

On the bottles you can find the mysterious word VITIKULT. There is little information even in English, but from what we managed to find it turns out that this is a kind of designation for stylistically defined red wines from Blaufränkisch, produced in the territory of Mittelburgenland by one of the members of a consortium of producers. Oh how!

Are there specialists in Austrian wines? Correct us, please, if you lied to the point.

Ours according to the described classics: from the heart, trub!

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Prickler VITIKULT-Blaufränkisch 2016

Prickler VITIKULT-Blaufränkisch 2016

But we were in a hurry and ran as always in front of the locomotive. I had to wait. The manufacturer even writes on the bottle: 2-4 hours to “breathe” the wine.

The whole bottle was stretched for 1.5 hours – no more. But by the end, there was already a multifaceted ripe berry madness in the aroma. Jam in half with fresh berries, a wagon of all kinds of spices and herbs, cocoa with chocolate and dried cherries.

Not very high alcohol (13.5), bright acidity is perfectly balanced by the rest of the flavoring components. Excellent long and tart aftertaste. Everything about him is good, thoroughbred!


SUCH WINE: 89/100 | Vivino: 3.7

Price: 11 euros

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