Ferdinand Mayr Exklusiv Zweigelt, 2018 red semi-dry

About O’Key with his wine shelf is already somehow indecent to speak. Expensive, no updates, nothing exciting. And so from year to year that they even stopped entering it and looking for something.

But then everything was needed, there was nothing else nearby and, like the Kolos of Rhodes in front of the sailors, this supermarket loomed. Walking into a store and not reaching the wine shelf is a crime, even if the chances of success are slim. Especially difficult if he called himself a wine blogger.

Caught an eye on Zweigelt. A red variety from Austria, the second most popular after Gruner Veltliner and the first of the country’s red varieties.

And again you can sing an ode to Austrian wines. Even in its cheapest and standard performance, they do not raise a single question about the money spent and the pleasure received.

Ferdinand Mayr Exklusiv Zweigelt, 2018

  • What: red semi-dry
  • Price: 499 rub. (stock)
  • Where: OK

For a show, we will give you organoleptic properties (not everyone has vivino). Dried cherries, sour berries and needles, caramel. Wine with a light sweetness, low but pleasant sourness, soft tannins.

A very decent and inexpensive wine that will appeal to many: it is not very sour and everything is pretty neat. Juicy and dried. In short, both yours and ours.

What do you like:

– very fruit and berry. If there is alcohol here, then you can find it only in the form of an inscription on the label or a crazy smile on your face after 2 glasses on an empty stomach. Juicy, with tannin – everything is in its place.

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What’s not to like:

Seriously. It costs 499 rubles. and done very accurately and cleanly. It’s hard to blame him for anything. What’s not to like about this?

­čĺą Assessment: 3.8 | Vivino: 3.9

With what:

Leave the most ordinary sausages on the grill and instead of ketchup, just drink this wine. The main thing is to cool it down to 14-16 degrees and start. All Zweigelt in the house and good evenings!

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