En Garde! 2016 pink dry

Wait, but it’s 2016! And the color ?! Ripe strawberries! No freshness, the rose cannot be like that, and the aroma is not glamorous, and the taste is excessive acidity and beer scent.

No, it’s just bio wine, dude – relax and get high!

– Without sulfur?

– No! The label says it contains sulfites.

Bio, organic, natural … We almost figured it out ourselves. A little more and we’ll tell you everything. Until then, to the barrier!

Strawberries and cherries are ordinary and predictable. Red currants are more interesting. Farmyard, yeast tones – “What have you slipped me, despots?”

Strawberry and grapefruit with a slight bitterness in the mouth, lollipops. Acidity at the level “left the juice for half a day in the summer on the windowsill.” In the classical sense – a clear defect, in our glass – character and originality, and in the head – cognitive dissonance.

At this point, it is worth remembering that the best pink is made in French Provence. With rare exceptions, of course, that only confirms the rule. But what if, in search of “that very”, the soul is tired of the same type of attempts to grab the original with the hand and wants something unusual?

You just have to switch. Here’s to this, Austrian, from everything that was at hand (Blaufrankisch, Merlot and KabSov). You may not sit too long, but you will definitely be able to shake up the routine.

Gastronomic. Decorated pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms. No, we were certainly hungry, but not so much so as not to appreciate!

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How to rate it in the usual way – we can’t use our mind!

On the one hand, this is not at all the classic presentation of rosé wine – not what you expect. On the other hand, you will take out their heap of stereotypes and your own illusions by the scruff of the neck.

No, wine is not a corpse at all!

Probably, the main criterion here is “drank to the bottom”. And they didn’t feel much sad. But we will not repeat, because there are still so many interesting wines in the world!

And no, the head did not hurt!

And by the way, you want to try, keep in mind – you need to warm it up. Degrees up to 12. And a little patience will soften.


🚀 SUCH WINE: 87/100 | Vivino: 3.7⠀

📑 Features

  • Type: pink, dry
  • Grapes: Blaufrankisch, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Country: Austria, Wineland
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Price: 1299 rub.
  • Where: Wine Warehouse

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