Dziugas (DŽIUGAS)

DŽIUGAS – the legendary Lithuanian cheese that conquered gourmets and connoisseurs with its extraordinary multifaceted taste and incomparable aroma. Often Dzhugas attributed to the Parmesan cheese family, due to the similarity of tastes, aging and long shelf life. However, the Lithuanian delicacy is characterized by individual features that distinguish it among the cheeses of this category.

Features: DŽIUGAS

The main difference between cheese DŽIUGAS Specially used raw materials and maturation of the product are used. For its production, only pasteurized cow’s milk is used, saturated with multivitamins and amino acids: A, D, E, B1, PP, C. Due to the long aging process (maturation) of the cheese, lactose decomposes to lactic acid, and the finished product can boast of its complete absence in its composition, which makes this cheese a desirable treat for people with an individual intolerance to the dairy ingredient.


History of creation

Like any world famous delicacy, cheese DŽIUGAS keeps its secrets, and its origins are shrouded in many legends. One of the most beautiful legends spread in Lithuania is the love story of a kind giant Dzhugasa and the beauties who once lived among forests and meadows Samogitia… The giant was respected and loved by all the inhabitants of the region. Having played a wedding, the lovers took up cheese making, their cheese was unusually tasty and quickly gained popularity. They said about him that he was true love, nurtured by fresh air, crystal springs and lush green meadows. Cheese soon became widely known outside Samogitian valleys, continuing to win loyal hearts without changing its exquisite taste and unique aroma.

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Cheese in this category has the shortest maturation period – 12 months. Nevertheless, it has all the characteristics of mature cheeses: it is hard, pliable, of a pleasant creamy color, with a transition to dark yellow at the crust. Taste at Mild soft, slightly spicy, with a delicate aroma of nuts.

A medium-ripened cheese that ripens within 18 months. It is characterized by a delicate taste of dried fruits and a pungent spicy aroma. Its color ranges from ivory to olive, and its slightly crunchy texture and crumbly texture indicate a new stage in the aging process.

Combines the best qualities of mature hard cheese. Due to its refined taste and piquant aroma, Delicate is considered to be one of the best cheese delicacies sommelier… 24 months of ripening allows this category to find a harmony of gastronomic nuances, making cheese a truly masterpiece of culinary art. The combination of bitter notes with a spicy pungent aroma, a pleasant matte yellowish color and a solid texture are the main characteristics Delicate

Luxurious, expensive cheese, aged under special conditions for 4 years. The ripeness of the delicacy emphasizes the unique tart taste with fruity notes and the refined aroma of an exclusive cheese. It differs from its counterparts in brown and sometimes orange color, indicating a long ripening period of the product. This cheese literally melts in your mouth, causing real euphoria.


What does Djugas cheese work with?

Lithuanian DŽIUGAS – an excellent companion for dry and sweet wines, it will perfectly emphasize the value of aged expensive drinks, performing both solo and to the accompaniment of jam, nuts, grapes, fruits.

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