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Wine from Red & White: sweet Riesling

Not everything is good Riesling written on the fence

Sweet, deliberately fruity, syrupy aroma. The variety is poorly guessed, there is almost no acidity. There is nothing unpleasant either, but rubbing sugar alone into the gums is so-so pleasure. The aftertaste is short, leaving one desire – to wash it off with hot tea. To give to grandmothers and mothers who “sit tightly” on Psou and Apsny and conservatively reject any “this” sourness of yours.

💥 Assessment: 3.0 | Vivino: 3.8

The sugar in wine isn’t always bad. By no means, sugar often decorates this very Riesling. But it is also necessary to decorate skillfully, and not to look like Xerxes from the “300 Spartans”, hung with golden swags like a New Year tree with balls and tinsel.

Sugar in wine looks beautiful if it complements the acid-strict and elastic skeleton. If there is no skeleton, we have such wines (see above).

Review by Dr.  Schnaider Riesling Lieblich white sweet

Surprisingly, a Gewurztraminer with a similar label of the same Dr. Schnaider does not seem to be such a “freak” at all, but all because it is more varietal and not so sweet.


  • Type: sweet white
  • Country: Germany
  • Alcohol: 10%
  • Price at the time of purchase: 300-400 rubles.
  • Where bought: Red and White

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