Dr. Schnaider Gewürztraminer Halbtrocken white semi-dry

No need to show off, do it!

In the wine world there is such a concept – “aroma bomb”. Another wine can be “perfumed”. So they say, when a bouquet of flowers jumps out of a glass at you, and a fruit nook of the market of hot Thailand, the Rawai beach area, flies after it with a steam locomotive.

Almost everyone likes these wines at first. Especially girls. Of course, over time, love fades and weakens. Increasingly, “we” begin to look for refinement, freshness and grace in wine, instead of adventure and extreme. But until we have come to this and have not matured, we enjoy understandable and stimulating receptors, intense Muscats, Gewurztraminers and other “Rive Gauche wines”.

Just don’t get it wrong, and there are sophisticated ladies among the Gewurtz. Not every German woman is destined to be Claudia Schiffer. We imagine the main type to be somewhat different.

Gewurztraminer? Well, the name. More details, pliz.

Without going into details, let’s just say the basics. Gewürz (and this is how it can be affectionately called) is from South Tyrol. Now this area is part of Italy (for the last 100 years, before that it belonged to Austria) and has another administrative name – Trentino-Alto Adige. Literally translated as “fragrant traminer”. Named after the town from the same place – Tramin. As a rule, the acidity of these wines is not very high and there is almost always residual sugar.

And now we have a German Gewürz from KiB in our hands. 350 rubles! 350! Talking about the manufacturer, the features, God forgive me, the terroir, the soul of the winemaker is completely unnecessary here. They took some raw materials and blinded an excellent wine “no show-off”. This is also art. Not everyone can handle it.

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Give two and get away! Recognizable Gewürztraminer wine, clumsy lush and perfumery. It gives a little Muscat, but it’s from the same opera. Yes? Lots of pineapple, peach and bitterness from the unripe pomelo at the end. Don’t ask why it is. It seemed. Quite dense in the body. Lays down on spicy sushi like Vanka on the stove.

So what, what’s simple? We are children of poor but proud parents!


🚀 Rating: 3.8 (86/100) | Vivino: 3.7


  • Type: white, semi-dry
  • Grapes: Gewurztraminer
  • Country: Germany, Palatinate
  • Alcohol: 11.5%
  • Price: 389 rub. (+ 10% discount on promo code 0817 ° F in the app until December 1)

There are such simple and winning combinations of wine and food that we can talk about them even outside the context of general and sophisticated rules.

One of these rules is to take Gewurztraminer to the rolls and you will have a gastronomic organ * m, the squeak of a happy pig and a Tiger in love from Disney’s Winnie the Pooh

We insist, do just that! Without food, it will become boring from the second glass, you will begin to yawn.

Take this wine + order sushi / rolls in your favorite delivery. Yes, to be sharper. Pump up your tastes and your evening!

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