Cheddar is an English hard cheese. It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and has a dense and crumbly texture. Farmers sometimes tint pale yellow dough with dye annattogetting orange cheese color. Cheddar has a creamy taste with a slight sourness and leaves a nutty aftertaste. The product can be consumed as a snack or added in soups, pizza or sandwiches. British people love to pair cheddar with banana or mustard, washed down with wine or cider.
The perfect melting quality has made cheese a “versatile product” for many classic recipes. Today, cheddar is sold all over the world, not just in the region of origin. Moreover, the product manufactured in the USA is delivered to its homeland.


Cheese history

According to historical records, cheese appeared over eight centuries ago. It is made in the Cheddar settlement. The ripening of the cheese took place in the caves of the gorge, where there were optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

The name of the cheese was first mentioned in 1170 in the register of the King of England. It was bought in tons for royal persons. During the reign of Charles I, the product was bought at the manufacturing stage, so it was impossible to find it outside the palace walls.

Production technology

Joseph Harding in the 19th century he described in his writings the technology for the production of this cheese. As a result, cheddar has received worldwide recognition. The cheese making process consists of a stage cheddarization, which is typical for the manufacture of many English varieties. It involves cutting in layers and long-term shifting between them. This stage is needed to give the required level of acidity and ensure a special density.
Cheddar is produced by heads that weigh between 25 and 35 kg. Cloth-wrapped cheese ripens for a different number of months. The taste of the product depends on the conditions and time of production:

  • Young cheese – from 3 months.
  • Average – six months.
  • Mature – 9 months.
  • Extra – 15 months.
  • Vintage grade – at least a year and a half.

Excerpt from 9 months is considered the most interesting and complex.


Top 10 facts about cheddar cheese

  1. The most popular cheese on the planet.
  2. Huge assortment of species. Cheese makers around the world make traditional English, Vermont, Wisconsin and other cheddar.
  3. Cheddar is loved in the USA, England and Canada. For the British, Cheddar is considered a native cheese. When Queen Victoria (19th century) got married, she was presented with a 500 kg circle of cheddar. In America, cheese is second only to popularity mozzarella
  4. Health benefits. Cheddar is very healthy, because this product from cow’s milk contains healthy protein, calcium, vitamin D.
  5. Benefits for the teeth. As a result of a study in 2013, it was found that cheese prevents the development of tooth decay.
  6. Means for stimulating the brain.
  7. Excellent hypnotic.
  8. Cheddar is the best dinner ever. A few slices of the product can help you sleep. This is due to the content of the amino acid tryptophan.
  9. An indispensable ingredient for a cheese platter. Cheddar is one of the main plate cheeses.
  10. Ideal for cheese soups.
  11. Unrivaled taste. Legend has it that the milkmaid forgot a bucket of milk in the cave. The spoiled product stood for a long time, resulting in cheese. The locals liked the unusual taste.

Cheddar cheese is considered one of the best. It comes in different types, each of which has its own fans. Gourmets never cease to admire the wonderful taste, and adherents of a healthy lifestyle get benefits.

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