Cavalier (Le Cavalier)

Honored Gourmet Object.

Cheese is one of the oldest food products. But he is so included in our diet that not a single festive table is complete without this aromatic, tasty fermented milk product. Introducing the traditional Le cheese Cavalier, who came to us from the northwest of Switzerland. This cheese cannot be called exclusive, but cheese gourmets have been enjoying its rich aroma and bright taste for many years.

The secret to the rich smell of cheese Cavalier the fact that with a certain frequency it is treated with a special brine with herbs. And the milk of Alpine cows, which graze exclusively on mountain pastures, gives the product such a unique taste and dense texture.

The rich taste of Le cheese Cavalier create notes of dried apricots, baked milk and spices. As for the aftertaste of the cheese, it is not very bright, but worthy of attention. Cheese lovers recommend this cheese as a decent option for a cheese plate or for red wine, which is served as an aperitif on the festive table. The cheese is original in that it can be served as an independent dessert. But it is better not to use it in a salad or hot dish. To preserve the expressiveness of the taste, it is recommended to take the cheese out of the refrigerator an hour before serving, but do not unpack the film. Then the aroma will remain expressive and rich.


Some facts about cheese.

  • cheese contains vitamins of groups A, D, E, C and PP;
  • sometimes cheese makers plant insect larvae or cheese mites in the head of cheese to ripen the product;
  • some types of cheese can be stored in the freezer for a long time, which will not affect their quality and taste in any way;
  • it is believed that cheese was previously cooked without heat treatment, hence its name;
  • cheese is aphrodisiac… Therefore, it is sometimes served in Georgia at weddings.
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General characteristics.

Cheese Cavalier has a light yellow color with a beige tint. A gray-brown natural crust is obtained during the ripening of the cheese. But the very term of its aging is rather short: only 4 months. It is believed that this time is enough for this type of cheese, which leaves a pronounced taste of sour milk in the product. Nevertheless, the scent is not aggressive, restrained, pleasant. This semi-solid cheese practically does not have everybody’s favorite holes. But this does not detract from its merits in the eyes of cheese lovers. Low salinity allows cheese consumption Cavalier children. It is great as a light breakfast or snack at school. The shelf life of the cheese in a sealed package is 270 days, which indicates its high quality and self-sufficiency.

Rustic notes and light aroma will surely conquer your taste, and ivory cheese will decorate any table.

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