Dziugas (DŽIUGAS)

DŽIUGAS – the legendary Lithuanian cheese that conquered gourmets and connoisseurs with its extraordinary multifaceted taste and incomparable aroma. Often Dzhugas attributed


“Unique recipe”, “without vegetable fats”, “from fresh milk” – the manufacturers declare. Marketing move? No really! Cheese Oltermani – this is a


Cheese is a valuable food product called brine cheese by technologists. It is made either from goat, or from sheep, or from


Maasdam is a semi-hard cheese. Only the highest quality cow’s milk is used in its preparation, tested for the absence of antibiotics.

Black king

More recently, a domestic semi-hard rennet cheese with a spectacular name “Black King” has appeared on supermarket shelves. It belongs to the


Soft cheese always looks suspicious. However, once you try it, there is no doubt that the cheese is wonderful and its mold


Michelangelo Buonarotti – a recognized genius in the field of architecture, art, philosophy, not only in Italy, but throughout the world, who

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