DŽIUGAS – the legendary Lithuanian cheese that conquered gourmets and connoisseurs with its extraordinary multifaceted taste and incomparable aroma. Often Dzhugas attributed to the Parmesan cheese family, due to the similarity of tastes, aging and long shelf life. However, the Lithuanian delicacy is characterized by individual features that distinguish it among the cheeses of this […]

The homeland of Adygea cheese, as the name suggests, is the Republic of the North Caucasus – Adygea. There the product has a second name – Matekuaye (mate means a basket, and kuaye means cheese), because it was originally prepared in willow baskets. The product gained popularity and scale of industrial production, as well as

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“Unique recipe”, “without vegetable fats”, “from fresh milk” – the manufacturers declare. Marketing move? No really! Cheese Oltermani – this is a traditional Finnish quality, half a century recipe, premium milk, exquisite creamy taste with a slightly sour note. What is inside? The composition of the cheese is quite simple and captivates with a short

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Gorgonzola cheese was born in the province of the same name in northern Italy. This cheese has a blue mold reminiscent of archaic porcelain. The texture of a young Gorgonzolla is soft and creamy, revealing like a dab of butter and slowly approaching a slightly sour finish. Mature versions are more potent, savory. Gorgonzola has

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Cheese is a valuable food product called brine cheese by technologists. It is made either from goat, or from sheep, or from a mixture of sheep and cow’s milk. Also, feta cheese can be safely called a traditional product, despite the fact that new technologies have long affected cheese production. Indeed, in the manufacture of

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Maasdam is a semi-hard cheese. Only the highest quality cow’s milk is used in its preparation, tested for the absence of antibiotics. During the cooking process, propionic bacteria are added to the cheese. It is thanks to these bacteria that its famous large holes, which are also called eyes, appear in the Maasdam. The more

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More recently, a domestic semi-hard rennet cheese with a spectacular name “Black King” has appeared on supermarket shelves. It belongs to the “Premium” group cheeses. What is special about this mysterious “Black King”? This is not only a catchy look of a cheese head, dressed in a blue-black uniform with a glossy shell. The beautiful

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Soft cheese always looks suspicious. However, once you try it, there is no doubt that the cheese is wonderful and its mold is indeed noble. Rougette a worthy representative of this category of cheeses. History and technology making Cheese making technology Rougette (Bavarian red) was developed by a Bavarian company Kaserei Champignon of Allgoya –

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Michelangelo Buonarotti – a recognized genius in the field of architecture, art, philosophy, not only in Italy, but throughout the world, who lived in the Middle Ages. And throughout his life he kept his love for this cheese of his homeland. This semi-soft cheese has been known since the 9th century. A striking example of

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