Recently we played a quiz with you. There was a question: “What is Pet-Nat?” and 4 possible answers to it. Only 30% of the participants knew the correct answer or simply guessed it, which is indecently little for the progressive wine community. Therefore, a short educational program is below. Pet-Nat (petillant naturel). In Basurmanskiy it

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Wines of Germany Wine from Red & White: sweet Riesling Not everything is good Riesling written on the fence Sweet, deliberately fruity, syrupy aroma. The variety is poorly guessed, there is almost no acidity. There is nothing unpleasant either, but rubbing sugar alone into the gums is so-so pleasure. The aftertaste is short, leaving one

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We have never tried a frankly unsuccessful Austria. And again they did not try. But let’s talk about the Zects first. What is it? Seeckt is the term used for sparkling in Germany and Austria. Can you imagine that these two countries consume, respectively, five and four times more bottles of sparkling wine per person

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