Lick Without today’s review: Germany is not just Riesling. Pinot Noirs are also made here. And there are even great ones. Moderately cool climate of the microzone, which means we expect low alcohol and high acidity. But more on that later! About the label and the name, which we could not pass by. “Lovely Lilly”.

Shelter Lovely Lilly Pinot Noir 2016 dry red – wine review from the blog Tako VinoRead More »

Austria again. And no wonder. You come to the shelf, usually everything is nearby: Riesling, Gewurtz and Gruner. And then there are discounts – and not for one, but for everything! Yes, and the year needed to be dug out – 2016! Choosing, choosing and … today Gruner Veltliner, yesterday was Riesling. You can compare.

Weingut R&A Pfaffl Austrian Pepper Grüner Veltliner 2016 white dry – wine review from the Tako Vino blogRead More »

“Simple human happiness” for 654 rubles for four! Wine for pleasure and aesthetics, pure hedonism. This is paradigm number one! Wine is a product for every day, the same as fried chicken for dinner – No. 2 Today we propose to migrate towards the second, and at the same time have a snack. He also

Riesling Feinherb Rheinhessen 2018 – review on Riesling from Pyaterochka from Tako VinoRead More »

Here is a “mini orchestra” today in the review. An unexpected and rare combination of two German-speaking varieties at once: Riesling and Gruner Veltliner. We got to know him, or rather heard (in relation to the orchestra) this melody for the first time at the Salon of Austrian wines. And so sunk into the soul

Leth “Duett” Riesling & Veltliner 2017 dry white – wine review from the blog Tako VinoRead More »

What else to do on Monday night while waiting for the next episode of your favorite TV series? Tasting, of course! Let’s talk? The choice for today’s post is not at all obvious at first glance, but it is extremely curious in some aspects. And there are even two of them! Exclusive to Ribbon We

Land Lust Spätburgunder-Dornfelder Trocken red semi-dry – wine review from the blog Tako VinoRead More »

It’s time to push a little and complain about life. Statistics show that you are much more interested in reading reviews on supermarkets, discussing wine myths about a cork, a basin with a glass, and who framed Roger Rabbit (whether there is counterfeit in KiB). Posts with reviews of specific wines evoke less delight and

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Until the slogan “Let’s drink up to 1000” or “999 rubles is not a sentence to an intellectual” appears on our blog, let us also talk about wines of another price segment. Austria definitely needs to continue! By all means! Therefore, today we offer the dear readers of our free wine sketches the most popular

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Let’s arrange a five-minute memory and quickly repeat what is generally written on the German label and how to read it, if you can’t even pronounce “im eichenfas gift” for you the first time. Classification of German wines in a minute In fact, everything is very confusing at all p̶r̶e̶de̶e̶l̶̶n̶o̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶s̶t̶o̶. The highest category of

Durbacher Baden Pinot Noir 2015 dry red – wine review from the blog Tako VinoRead More »