Michelangelo Buonarotti – a recognized genius in the field of architecture, art, philosophy, not only in Italy, but throughout the world, who lived in the Middle Ages. And throughout his life he kept his love for this cheese of his homeland.

This semi-soft cheese has been known since the 9th century. A striking example of folk cheese, which was previously made in every peasant family. Cheese brand Caciotta includes a wide range of cheeses. Made from the milk of sheep, goats and even water buffalo. Now they have begun to make it from cow’s milk. It is also made from milk mixtures – this cheese is called that – three milk.


The cheeses are in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 10 – 20 cm, a height of 5 – 10 cm and a weight of 1 – 1.5 kg.

There is no definite recipe for its preparation – there is only, so to speak, the main outline, and there are many variations. Each family of cheese makers in Italy has its own recipe, which, of course, is kept in deep secrecy. For example, it is believed that the tastiest cheese is obtained from milk in early spring, when the field grass is young and most fragrant. This cheese is called Cacio Marzolino

The most common cheese variations Caciotta:

  • With black pepper, hot or sweet paprika, added at the cooking stage;
  • With truffles;
  • Treated with olive oil;
  • Processed with dried tomatoes;
  • Aged in ash. Inside earthen vessels, the cheese is kept in the ashes for several weeks or months;
  • Aged in hay – the cheese takes on the scent of the herbs of the area where the cheese was made.
  • Aged in wine or wine cake.
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And there are many other fantasies that make the cheese of every cheese-maker in Italy unique.


Cheese aging

The cheese is suitable for consumption at all stages of aging, each with its own unique taste and aroma:

  • Less than two weeks – caciotta fresco, very young cheese, delicate, creamy taste and aroma, soft in consistency, pale yellow in color;
  • Up to two months – harder, but still delicate cheese, which retains its creamy taste;
  • Six months – already fully ripe cheese with rich aroma and taste.

Store cheese Caciotta as a whole, it can be used indefinitely in a cool, ventilated room. Its yellowish natural crust reliably protects it from spoilage. If it is cut, it can only be stored in the refrigerator; if mold appears, you can wipe it off with a napkin dipped in saline solution.

In connection with the current situation on the introduction of bilateral sanctions, the opportunity to taste such cheese has sharply decreased, but the simplicity of production makes it possible for true gourmets to master a new specialty – a family cheese maker and pamper themselves and loved ones with this delicacy.

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