Marble cheese is a real beauty among all cheeses. Its unusual appearance and wonderful taste immediately attracts attention. Slicing from marble cheese will make even an everyday table festive. It tastes slightly sweet and spicy, has a pronounced cheesy odor without foreign impurities. The dense elastic mass in the section is decorated with uniform round […]

Cheese is one of the longest-lived dairy products. He came to us from ancient times and is still one of the frequent guests at our table. There are many variations of cheese, they have different tastes and compositions, however, the most frequent and favorite cheeses of many people are cheeses with a mild creamy taste

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About O’Key with his wine shelf is already somehow indecent to speak. Expensive, no updates, nothing exciting. And so from year to year that they even stopped entering it and looking for something. But then everything was needed, there was nothing else nearby and, like the Kolos of Rhodes in front of the sailors, this

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Riesling that smog with burrata 💪 When people talk about German Rieslings, they are often divided into regions: Palatinate, Moselle, Rheingau, Baden, Rheingessen, Nahe, etc. Here it is, there is such a thing: soils, exposition, wind rose … But let’s be clear: expect from wine for 599 rubles. (and for discounts and below) some kind

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