About me

When you live in the wine capital of the world, you simply cannot stay.
indifferent to its special atmosphere. I literally fell in love with
a wonderful world of wine and, with a PhD in computer science,
has decided to make radical professional changes.

Having successfully passed the WSET Level 3 and French Wine Scholar exams, I continued to move towards my goal, the prestigious and internationally recognised WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits, and after 15 months of hard work I can proudly point out in my DipWSET card 🙂 I am also a DipWSET:

  • Member of the Sommelier Bordeaux Association
  • Judge in wine competitions
  • Author of courses on Bordeaux and Champagne for Sommelier WineState School

It’s no longer a secret to me that there are many names of French wines, a variety of Italian grape varieties and a confusing classification system for German wines, and my tasting skills allow me to be a judge in wine competitions every year, both regionally (Concours des vins de Bordeaux-Aquitaine, Contest des Bordeaux and Aquitaine) and internationally (Challenge International du Vin). I am also an active member of the Association des Sommeliers de Bordeaux Aquitaine (Association des Sommeliers de Bordeaux Aquitaine), which is a member of the Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF) and has experience working in a gastronomic restaurant.

Each month, the Sommelier Association visits several chateaux to introduce them to their wines and sometimes to their long and rich history. I am happy to share my impressions and knowledge on my website and invite you to plunge into the wonderful world of wine, to ask questions and perhaps to visit the picturesque Aquitaine region, where I will gladly become your personal guide and introduce you to the art of wine making!

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