5 simple and original Champagne snacks

5 simple and original Champagne snacks

Not Olivier alone! How to add champagne to make shoes unrealistically tasty and simple to the banality of an infusorian.

👍 The basic principles here are: salty + sour = good and + similar crunchy.

1. Potato chips with salt

Incredible, but true! The best, the simplest ever! You can, of course, get worn out and even cook them yourself. But buying good natural chips is not a problem today.

The crispy texture, salt and high acidity of Champagne – all this perfectly complements each other and paints a picture as brilliant as the Pythagorean theorem!

You can also add salty Popcorn to this. A nearly equivalent alternative.

2. Crude

(accent on the last syllable)


Such a French story. In our opinion, you can simply – a snack from raw vegetables. You can take carrots, cucumbers, celery and cut into neat sticks. Serve with a salty sauce.

Take Aioli with anchovy, for example. The result is a slightly spicy mayonnaise-type sauce. Or, alternatively, hollandaise sauce is also very helpful.

3. Fried chicken

Fried chicken

KFC, your ad could be here! Anyway, catch the idea for the action. Bucket of strips + bottle of sparkling wine. The perfect combo!

Only let the bird not be spicy, but the sparkling wine will be Brut, okay?

In the end, it’s not a big ambush to make at home. But it should be just real breading, crunchy, and not a smear in the form of wet cardboard 🙂

4. Caviar and “salty”

Caviar and

Nobody canceled the main Soviet New Year’s specialty. Now we can put caviar on pancakes for breakfast, and then …

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But keep in mind that you can’t get off with some sparkling wine. You need a denser and richer wine, with high acidity.

And then we stand in line for vintage (with a specific harvest year) Champagne, after grabbing a credit card and laying a bud. The kidney can be saved, but then we change the choice to Kava.

What’s salty? Instead of caviar, on a baguette (toast, bruschetta), you can put, oddly enough, jamon or prosciutto.

We made such a combination: tomatoes with garlic, jamon, quail eggs and baked peppers – everything was carefully laid out on bruschetta.

5. Seafood and fish

Seafood and fish

And where without them, then? Everything is clear here: neutral sea saltish taste, delicate texture. What else do you need to pair with Champagne?

Oysters – yes! Sashimi – yes! And even all kinds of tartars will do. We stand for simplicity and RAW.

But, as an option, write a recipe:

Take a rye crispbread, smear with ricotta, a slice of smoked salmon on top and lemon zest with dill for decoration. Done!

Your pink will sparkle from such a companion, and with it you.

⚠️ What not to do

– do not interrupt your sparkling wine with pronounced flavors: do not take spicy, do not take very sweet, do not take bitter (pure olives, as an example – in the furnace)

– do not pick too heavy food. Roast, Burgundy beef – another time with red!

– a small exception should be made for aged, vintage Champagne wines, where in your gastronomic “and I still want to” you can go a little further and even afford grilled salmon or some kind of risotto with mushrooms.

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You have read to the end. You are a great fellow! Therefore, we will reveal the secret.

All “pairing” is in your head by a lot of percent: there are no ideal solutions, no unique combinations. There is only your belief that it will work or not work.

But your favorite wine + food on your table will almost always work.

Have a nice New Year’s tables!

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