Austria again. And no wonder. You come to the shelf, usually everything is nearby: Riesling, Gewurtz and Gruner. And then there are discounts – and not for one, but for everything! Yes, and the year needed to be dug out – 2016! Choosing, choosing and … today Gruner Veltliner, yesterday was Riesling. You can compare. […]

Here is a “mini orchestra” today in the review. An unexpected and rare combination of two German-speaking varieties at once: Riesling and Gruner Veltliner. We got to know him, or rather heard (in relation to the orchestra) this melody for the first time at the Salon of Austrian wines. And so sunk into the soul

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It’s time to push a little and complain about life. Statistics show that you are much more interested in reading reviews on supermarkets, discussing wine myths about a cork, a basin with a glass, and who framed Roger Rabbit (whether there is counterfeit in KiB). Posts with reviews of specific wines evoke less delight and

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Until the slogan “Let’s drink up to 1000” or “999 rubles is not a sentence to an intellectual” appears on our blog, let us also talk about wines of another price segment. Austria definitely needs to continue! By all means! Therefore, today we offer the dear readers of our free wine sketches the most popular

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Recently we played a quiz with you. There was a question: “What is Pet-Nat?” and 4 possible answers to it. Only 30% of the participants knew the correct answer or simply guessed it, which is indecently little for the progressive wine community. Therefore, a short educational program is below. Pet-Nat (petillant naturel). In Basurmanskiy it

Pet-nat Peter & Paul Bio Pet Nat 2017 brut still – wine review from the blog Tako VinoRead More »

We have never tried a frankly unsuccessful Austria. And again they did not try. But let’s talk about the Zects first. What is it? Seeckt is the term used for sparkling in Germany and Austria. Can you imagine that these two countries consume, respectively, five and four times more bottles of sparkling wine per person

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About O’Key with his wine shelf is already somehow indecent to speak. Expensive, no updates, nothing exciting. And so from year to year that they even stopped entering it and looking for something. But then everything was needed, there was nothing else nearby and, like the Kolos of Rhodes in front of the sailors, this

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